Why are your turkeys white?

They have had the color bred out of them. This was done because on occasion pigment from the feather would discolor the birds skin during dressing. The result is the clean, white, unblemished skin of today’s dressed turkey.

Which are better, hens or toms?

There is no difference in eating quality. If you want a turkey up to 18 lbs., it’s usually a hen, and if you want a turkey larger than 18 lbs., it’s usually a tom.

Aren’t toms tougher?

No, this assumption is based on the mistaken belief that toms are quite a bit older at dressing time than the hens.

What’s the best way to roast a turkey?

Fresh or frozen, start with a Bongi’s turkey. Then be sure to not overcook it by using a thermometer. Any thermometer is better than none, but the very best is an instant read thermometer. White meat is best at 170 degrees, and dark meat at 180 degrees. Please don’t cook your turkey to 185 degrees like many oven thermometers suggest.

Is there something in turkey meat that makes you drowsy?

Turkey is naturally high in the amino acid l-tryptophane. L-tryptophane is believed to produce a natural calming effect. Milk is also high in this substance, hence the practice of drinking a warm glass of milk before bedtime to promote sleep.

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